Retinitis Pigmentosa

Retinitis pigmentosa is a degenerative disease that reduces slowly and gradually the peripheral vision, making initially difficult to see at night.

It is a congenital disease, and the person is usually unaware of it (asymptomatic) until the disease is fairly advanced (not usually manifest before adolescence). The cells of the retina, especially the photoreceptors (rods and cones) are gradually destroyed.

There are environmental factors which may affect positively or negatively its progression.

A modified Mediterranean diet (rich in omega-3 ADHD), lutein and antioxidant vitamins may have a protective effect on the macula, delaying visual acuity loss. Avoid smoking and maintaining lower levels of stress and anxiety are important, because it seems they can accelerate the disease.

The light can accelerates also the disease in people with retinitis pigmentosa, because they may have cataracts earlier, limiting their visual function and accentuate the damage caused by light (a higher dispersion of light is produced passing through the lens causing more glare), so the use of glasses with selective Filters for protection of light blue and ultraviolet light is recommended.

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