Custom Adaptation of Contact Lenses

In our Contact Lens Department we offer an Exam for custom adaptations of any type of Contact Lens (RGP, queratoconus, therapeutic, soft, toric and progressive), to reach maximum visual quality and comfort.

Some special adaptations can be:

  • Therapeutic post-surgery contact lenses
    This special adaptation is addressed to patients with corneal or eyelid abnormalities or pathologies (post-refractive surgery complications, ulcers, keratitis, entropion, trichiasis… etc.); the lens has a therapeutic aim of protect the front of the eye, which prevents rubbing the eyelids and eyelashes against cornea.
  • Progressive contact lenses
    Currently, there are several types of progressive contact lenses on the market (diffractive, monovision, bifocal… etc.), in order to reach a comfortable vision at all distances.
  • Cosmetic Contact Lenses
    This type of adaptation is addressed to patients who want to change the look of his own eye (color and shape of the iris), or for patients with congenital or acquired malformations. This category also includes anisocoric contact lenses for albinism or nystagmus.
  • Contact lenses for afaquias
    This type of contact lens is a good solution for people operated with cataract surgery without intraocular lens (IOL), in order to correct high residual hyperopia after surgery.
  • GP contact lenses (rigid gas permeable)
    The difference between a rigid contact lens compared to a soft, is the largest step of oxygen between the lens and the eye, due to its better permeability of the material. The GP lens allows the passage of oxygen necessary to ensure proper ocular physiology, especially in people who wear contact lenses for many hours a day. This type of contact lens can suite the most complex corneal refractive errors, like in the following cases:

    • Myopia Control and Reduction. The ortho-K lenses are best suited in these cases due to their geometric characteristics.
    • Keratoconus and high astigmatism.
    • Patients with little tear quantity.
    • Myopia Magna.
  • Contact lenses with UV filter
    Currently you can incorporate lenses with UV light filter, for patients exposed to this type of harmful radiation and who needs greater mobility without glasses (sports, outdoor activities, etc.)

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