Electronic Visual Aids

ayudas_visuales_electronicas_01These Visual Aids include portable or desktop electronic magnifiers, screen magnifiers systems for computer, voice readers, etc.

There are electronic devices that provide a digital image with magnification and varying polarity to increase visual performance. They can be used both in distant vision, medium-distance or near vision, for different tasks such as reading, writing, sewing, hobbies, looking the blackboard in class, make crafts, drawing, etc.

These visuals aids enable you to modify the polarity with different colours background and font colours:

  • Positive polarity (black letters on white background): reflections are less noticeable, the edges of the characters appear sharper, and greater balance of luminance is obtained.
  • Negative polarity (white letters on black background): flicker is less noticeable and readability is usually higher for people with low visual acuity or photophobia (characters stand out above the background).


ayudas_visuales_electronicas_02The portable electronic magnifiers (LEP) often have a TFT or LCD, some have a high definition screen and the possibility to connect them with a television, so what’s captured by the LEP object is projected on TV, with the result of a higher magnification. For example, if a LEP with 7″screen get 10x (10x), when connected to a 32″ can provide 45x.

There are also closed circuit television (CCTV), known as desktop electronic magnifiers with a large screen and built-in micro-circuits.

There are also vocal electronic aids able to scan text and read it aloud to modulate their speed as it passes through the screen image.

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