Catarata-ocular-2The lens inside our eyes helps to focus images on the retina at far and near distance. When the lens loses its transparency, it starts to become yellowish and translucent, giving origin to cataracts.

The symptoms that the person perceives are a progressively lose of their vision, discomfort to light or photophobia, decreased contrast sensitivity, difficulty to distinguish colours (especially yellow and blue), or monocular diplopia.

There are different types of cataracts:

  • Congenital cataract
  • Traumatic cataract
  • Senile cataract, which are the most common due to physiological aging of the lens. Depending on its opacification, can be classified as:
  • Nuclear cataract (40%)
  • Cortical cataract (60%)
  • Subcapsular cataract (20%)

Actually, cataract surgery is very common and simple surgery, usually painless and it doesn’t require hospitalization. You can even choose the type of intraocular lens (monofocal or multifocal) that is most suitable for each patient.


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